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Manitoba is a province in Canada, with Winnipeg being its capital city. Getting to Manitoba is very easy as the Winnipeg International Airport is connected to all big cities in Canada and also many in the US.

The closest international airport from Manitoba Narrows is the one at Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and is connected to all the major cities of Canada, as well as the United States. In fact, the Winnipeg International Airport is the only airport in Canada that is operational 24/7. This can be attributed to the fact that Manitoba has so much to offer visitors from all parts of the world, including the United States.

Air: By air, Winnipeg is a short one hour flight from Minneapolis. It takes only a couple of hours to get to Winnipeg from Chicago Airport, whereas Denver is two and a half hours by flight.


Rail: Winnipeg is very well connected to as many as 400 destinations across Canada by VIA Rail Canada. Via rail can also be connected through Amtrack.


Road: If you wish to drive yourself to Winnipeg, it is connected to all the major highways in Canada. American visitors can cross the border at Pembina North Dakota, from where Winnipeg is a short one hour drive away. You can also take the U.S. Interstate No. 9 and Minnesota No. 94, cross the border in Emerson, and then take the Manitoba No. 75 North, which will take you directly to Winnipeg.


Once you have reached Winnipeg, either through air, rail, or road, Manitoba Narrows can be reached by taking the highway No. 6 out of Winnipeg. You then need to get onto the Provincial Road 68, which will take you all the way to Manitoba Narrows.


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