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Geographical Splendours Of Manitoba


Manitoba is one of the few locations on the globe to have multiple geographical features; all of which come together in their diversity. Right from never-ending shorelines, to long winding rivers, to thousands of beautiful lakes bursting with trophy fish, to deep wild forests, open parklands, and even precipitous desert dunes dotted with cacti; Manitoba indeed does have it all.


The fact that Manitoba has such a varied landscape means that there is something to please everyone in Manitoba. The countless lakes and water bodies in Manitoba provide excellent fishing opportunities. And worry not, so what if it is winter, there is plenty of adventurous and thrilling ice fishing to be done in the area.



The wilderness affords hunters a veritable haven and is sure to excite the sportsman in you. Whether you want to hunt white tailed deer or moose, or you wish to go after the black bear in the parklands, or perhaps hunt some waterfowl, or maybe take it easy with hunting geese in Manitobaís marshes; you can definitely have your next great hunting adventure in Manitoba. And if the only kind of shooting that interests you is with your camera, then you can enjoy photographing the magnificent beluga whales and the stately polar bears in Hudson Bay.


So, arenít you simply too excited about going to Manitoba this winter. If so, then the one place which can offer you everything from ice fishing, to hunting, to adventure trails, and even a boat ride to the historical Manitou Island, is the Manitoba Narrows Lodge and Cottages. Seriously, donít just take our word for itÖ.Go to the Narrows Lodge and Cottages and experience it for yourself!     


Crisp, cool weather and sparkling clear lakes. Rivers that run wild and are teeming with prized fish of all kind. Calm inlets and hidden coves; all surrounded by the splendours of wilderness. And to top it all, everywhere you go the fish are just waiting to bite; enticing you with the reward of a strike such that youíve never seen before. So wouldnít you want to spend your winters in such a place?

A place where your only worry will be to get that trophy fish caught in your line. No stress, not one care in the world, and nothing to divert your attention elsewhere. Simply a place where you can ice fish to your heartís content. If you are looking for a place that gives you much more than you ever thought possible, then Manitoba Narrows is definitely the place to be!





Lake Manitoba Narrows, situated in Manitoba, Canada, is the place to go if you desire an ice fishing experience that gives you the thrill of a lifetime. Manitoba is a prairie province, which is situated in the very heart of Canada, and is simply longing to disclose the mysteries of its many water bodies.




Manitoba has in excess of 100,000 lakes, all of which offer you exhilarating and exciting ice fishing opportunities. One such lake is Lake Manitoba, which is where Manitoba Narrows is located.











































































































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